About Us

So who are we? Well we're just people who love film, some of us have met in high school, some in college, some on shoots, but the one thing that unites us all is our passion for film making.

Getting started is one of the hardest parts of film making. Some of us had little to no guidance in our video production classes and we turned to YouTube tutorials when we were just starting out. While some of these videos were helpful, others were low production quality, filled with misinformation, or not well researched. The aim of PA To Pro is to help the average person increase the quality and content of their films.

Each writer for PA To Pro has a unique background and between us there is over a decade of experience. Keep reading to find out more about each writer for PA To Pro.

Peter VanLoo Bio PA To ProPeter VanLoo

My name is Peter and I am currently a second year college student at California State University Northridge pursuing two degrees simultaneously, a B.A. in Economic and a B.A. in Cinema and Television Arts with my specialization in Television and Post Production.

When it comes to video production I am a bit of a gear geek. I like the best of the best and drool when new equipment comes out.

I started my video production career making gaming videos on YouTube and eventually became a partner with Fullscreen. From there I helped found and host a weekly show for the student run broadcast station at my high school. I currently run a movie, TV, and comic book review website and post video reviews on its YouTube channel. I also occasionally help out the people over at True Stories with camera and behind the scenes work.

If you want to see a portfolio of my work or if you are interested in hiring me head over to my personal website.

If you are interested in what I use for my video work, go check out my gear bag article.

Nora Curran Profile Picture PA To ProNora Curran

Hey there, my name is Nora. I am a Television Production major at Cal State Northridge. The television and film industry have been a part of my life since before I could walk. Two of my biggest passions are writing and photography.

Writing allows me to clear my mind and use my life experiences, as well as my imagination, to create worlds and stories about anything and everything. In regards to taking pictures, I am so far from a pro. I take amateur photos for the sole purpose of trying to savor a moment, for even just a second longer. Yet, I am in this major to learn everything there is too know.  

In high school I was in film production for two years and made three short films, including a documentary short, which was selected to be showcased in the 2015 LAUSD Film Festival at The Academy in Los Angeles.

While I am still unsure of what my focus will be in the industry, I am very excited to share everything I know and hopefully learn a lot myself, in the process!

If you are interested in what I use for my video work, go check out my gear bag article.

Luke Crager Profile Picture PA To ProLuke Creger

My name is Luke and I am an outdoor extremist who enjoys displaying the beauty of everything the outdoors have to offer through videography. I mainly focus on product promotional videos around natural and athletic settings. I am very active in camera operation and shot framing, however my strength is displayed on the timelines in post production.

If you are interested in what I use for my video work, go check out my gear bag article.