How To Update Yi M1 Firmware

How To Update Yi M1 Firmware

So, you just bought your new Yi M1 mirrorless camera and received an email from Yi Technologies instructing you how to update the Yi M1 firmware for the first time. Now what? Well, if you’re anything like me you ran into problem after problem, whether it was from vaguely translated instructions or unclear labeling on the pictures, so here’s how I updated the firmware for my Yi M1.

What You’ll Need To Update Yi M1 Firmware

How To Update Yi M1 Firmware

  1. Insert an SD card into your Yi M1
  2. Swipe to the right once and up once, until you find the menu option “Card Setup”
  3. Tap “Format the SD card” option and
  4. Set the profile dial to “C” and take a picture (this creates the directories needed to update the Yi M1 Firmware)
  5. Connect your camera to your PC
  6. Navigate to the folder labeled “XIAOYI”
  7. Copy the latest firmware into the folder, overwrite the existing file named “firmware.bin”
  8. Eject / Disconnected your Yi M1 and restart it.
  9. Swipe to the right once and up twice, until you find the menu option “Firmware Info”
  10. Press the “►” and “O” buttons at the same time while in the “Firmware Info” screen to enter the factory settings screen
  11. Tap “Upgrade Camera Firmware”
  12. A confirmation dialog should open up, tap “Yes”
  13. It should update for about 15 seconds and will restart automatically
  14. If there is a red SD card indicator in the bottom right of the screen then eject and re-insert the SD card and restart the camera

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