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Panasonic LUMIX G6

You probably saw this camera under Peter’s equipment article as well. This is the perfect, affordable DSLR for outdoor use. It is lighter and cheaper than newer cameras of the Lumix GH series, and perfect for bringing about on adventures in crazy locations. It is very user friendly with a touch screen LCD, and many pre-programmed user functions.

GoPro Hero 4 Silver

For most outdoor enthusiasts and sports/nature videographers, the GoPro is the perfect beginner’s camera. The Hero 4 silver especially, offers a touch screen LCD which is not offered on other GoPro Models. This camera is easy to carry around to any location, with its highly durable waterproof housing; hence the reason it is labelled “the world’s most versatile camera”. I definitely recommend the GoPro if you are just starting, for you can get ridiculous under water shots, as well as POV shots with a unique fisheye lens.


Fotasy Canon FD to MFT adapter

There are tons of different adapters you could go with when using Lumix.  Because I shoot mostly in manual focus, (which is not typically recommended for action videography) this is a perfectly reliable, and affordable adapter for my Canon film lenses.


UK Pole 22”

This is practically a selfie stick for the GoPro, although I no longer find much use for it, it can be used for capturing some sweet 3rd person shots of yourself at cool locations, or doing exciting stunts. This is most commonly seen with cliff jumping shots, and when you use the pole in many of your different shots, you could make some very unique transitions.

Yellow Bobber for GoPro

The yellow bobber is pretty similar to the UK Pole in that it shoots 3rd person shots, however it is much shorter. The yellow bobber is small, light and only costs around 8 bucks. You can also use the bobber as a pistol grip, aiming the camera away from you, getting a much more stable shot than if you were simply holding the GoPro itself. The most positive takeaway with the yellow bobber is that it floats, therefore no floaty backdoor is needed with your GoPro in the event that you drop it in water. Plus the bright yellow color is easy to spot from anywhere.

GoPro Floaty Backdoor

It’s bright orange, sticks permanently to the housing of your GoPro, and will make your GoPro float if dropped.  Although a mouth mount is more comfortable and feels cleaner for first person shots, it is very wobbly and  you can get much more stable shots by simply biting onto the orange floaty backdoor.

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