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If there is one main chunk of knowledge that I’m able to share, it is that videography is a way to do what you love, and share it with the world. A common concern however is as follows, “How am I going to make money off of my videos?” If you have editing and filming experience, an unbeatable way to get your foot in the door in the world of videography is through product promotional videos. Through promotional videos, you are able to do what you love while representing a brand.

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Now, there are many important aspects of promotional videos that must be noted. Creating a Promo is not simply just taking short, properly framed and lighted clips of a product from different angles and compiling them together. If this were the case, a viewer would experience just as much interest as they would from looking at a photo. A promotional video is created with the purpose of evoking emotion from the viewer. No, I do not mean the viewer should have tears rolling down their eyes; however, the end goal is to inspire them in a way that mirrors the purpose of the company being displayed.

Don’t get me wrong, lighting, composure, and proper post production effects can immensely bolster a promotional video; yet you must make sure that everything is in context.

What I mean by this is that the most important aspect of a promotional video is the content. I look at promotional videos according to a couple of formulas I’ve noticed through analyzing trends in viewer interest among different social media platforms. Weak Content will always show negative results, and mediocre at best results with phenomenal editing. Decent Content with good editing will make for a solid promotional video. However, phenomenal content with no editing will still generate strong traffic for the company, yet strong content with strong editing is what will create a phenomenal promotional video.

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Nine times out of 10, viewers will want to purchase the activities and ideas that are associated with the product. I’ll explain an example through personal experience. I recently created a short series of promo videos for a men’s bathing suit company. When pitching them the idea, I explained the activities that my friends and I like to do. In the video, we displayed shots of us cliff jumping, on the beaches of Malibu, and going on hikes. These adventurous activities, will excite the viewer, in comparison to taking videos of one wearing the swim shorts in a local community pool.

To further exa  my point, I will use an example of the bracelet company “Lokai” to give a better visual. I’m sure you’ve seen their photos all over social media. Lokai creates rubber bracelets that contain mud from the Dead Sea, as well as water from Mount Everest. The company intends to give off an adventurous vibe, which is very evident in their marketing strategy. All of the photos seen trending from lokai include a natural, adventurous background, as opposed to plain shot of the bracelet with a generic background.

Now, If there is anything you need to take away, it is that CONTENT is the key to success in promoting a company. Look for as many cool activities, search for companies, and add in some editing, and your opportunities in videography will be limitless.

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