How To Support Us

First of all thanks for reading our content and an even bigger thanks for taking the time to find out how to support us. The reality of the situation is that nothing is free and the people who run PA To Pro are made up of students who don't have astronomical incomes. Operating and producing content for PA To Pro comes with financial costs, for example hosting costs for the website, equipment costs, and production costs. Now I know that giving us money is not something that everyone is able to do so we have compiled all of the ways that you can help support us financially.    

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The first way to support us is the most direct way, through Patreon. If you don't know what Patreon is here's the low down; Each month you can pledge any amount to us, and based on how much you pledge you get more rewards. There are also monthly goals, if the total funding reaches or exceeds then you get more awesome content.

For content creators there is another way to help support us through Patreon. If you have thought about crowdfunding in the past, but didn't know where to start you can use our referral code for Patreon.

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Another way for fellow content creators to support us is to apply to Fullscreen, the YouTube multi-channel network, with our referral code. One of our content producers, Peter, has been partnered with Fullscreen for the better part of three years and has nothing but great things to say about them. They help you monetize your YouTube content, protect that content, and provide support for their creators.

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If you want a great way to support us but don't have money to donate and you shop with amazon? Well we are a part of Amazon Associates. For those that don't know the Amazon Associates program let's you shop as normal, but for select items we get a small percentage as commission. For full disclosure and because we aren't trying to hide it, if we link to a product on Amazon it will most likely have our affiliate code. Since the cookie for the affiliate code is only active for a certain amount of time, if you want to use our link every time on Amazon, click this link and save it as a bookmark in your browser.


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If you are more tech savvy, then I suggest Digital Ocean, where you can create droplets for cloud based servers. One of our sister sites, B-Roll Banter, is hosted on Digital Ocean servers and it has exceeded our expectations. They offer twenty-four one click apps, including WordPress, Ruby on Rails, and many, many more. If you sign up using our link we'll get you 10$ in credits.

Those are all of the of the ways to financially support us, but the best and cheapest way to support us is to share our articles from this website and our videos from our YouTube channel.

While these are all of the ways to currently support us, we are always interested in new opportunities, so if you have any leads for new affiliates and sponsors tweet us @PA2Pro.